Tip-Top Topiary is an off-shoot from Phil Seabrook Horticulture. Phil is a gardener specialising in boxwood and topiary care.
His keen interest and expertise in topiary has altered the direction of his business and a large percentage of his work now involves boxwood and topiary care. So much so that Phil decided to create an additional separate business with its own branding. 

The brief although clear and fairly specific, was also open to interpretation. We wanted to link the two businesses in a subtle way but also keep them entirely separate in terms of branding. Phil Seabrook Horticulture being the master brand, remains more formal and Tip-Top Topiary developed into a slightly more quirky, fun brand. Phil suggested that it have a simpler, more geometric feel to reflect the accuracy and clearly defined shapes of the trees. The colour palette reflects that of the master brand to tie the two together. 
Business Card
Christmas Card designs inspired by logo icons.

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