Tim Loves Art
The thinking behind Tim Loves Art was to offer a pop-up art experience, hosting temporary art exhibitions in and around London with artworks available to purchase online. The branding again is sophisticated and understated with a monochrome theme, allowing the art to speak for itself.
TLA Business Card
E-Commerce Website
Poster and Flyer advertising exhibition and launch of TLA
Valentines Day 'Love Promotion' Banner
Tim Loves Wine ​​​​​​​
The TLA logo: minimal, contemporary emblem resembling both a wine glass and heart shape, through the mirroring of two curves (two noses can also been detected by the keener eye!). Purple represents a passion for wine.
Tim Loves Wine Ltd. Corporate Stationery Set.
Raised Foil Logo on Business Cards.
Set of 3 Display Banners, to be arranged separately or as a set.
Together the banners form the logo curves representing a glass or heart shape.
Gift Wrap: pearlescent pattern design on tissue with branded sticker

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