Sevenoaks Garden Services

I was originally tasked with developing the branding for start up company, Sevenoaks Garden Services in 2013, coming up with a simple, elegant identity to represent a professional and experienced service. We then developed promotional flyers drawing particular attention to their specialist fruit tree pruning service. These were given a vintage style inspired by old gardening manuals and their beautiful illustrations. After three successful years in business, owner and founder Phil Seabrook decided he wanted a brand refresh, which included a name change to 'Phil Seabrook horticulture'. Phil loved the vintage flyers and wanted to follow a similar theme to traditional gardening manuals. And so, inspired by the hand-painted lettering on the covers, I took pen to paper and started sketching the logo by hand. After much scanning, redrawing and perfecting, a unique, personalised logotype emerged. This will now be incorporated into further 'vintage' promotional literature to strengthen the traditional image of the brand.

Original branding designed in 2013
2017 Rebrand
Hand-drawn and digitally enhanced logo outline
Logo fill in black & white
Final design in full colour   

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